One of Most Famous CS:GO Collections: The Dust

Every avid CS: GO admirer knows its best collections. Are you one of CS: GO fans? Now, we are going to talk about the Dust, which you can find in every game of the Counter-Strike series. Generally speaking, Dust, which is created by Valve, is a defuse map, and it’s clear that it’s the Dust2 predecessor. What makes this map different from others is that it was carefully fixed to be as close as possible to the real map!  Being set in a Middle Eastern town, Dust includes a couple of bombsites: the first is in the Counter-Terrorist spawn whilst the second is in an open area nearby. Needless to add, when it comes to Dust rewards, we have to mention the Dust Map Veteran. To take advantage of it, you will need to win 100 rounds on Dust.

There are many items available in Dust. Look through this page to find out what you can get.