Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding CS:GO

Q) Where can I play CS: GO?
A) You can play CS: GO on Mac, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Q) Am I able to make maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?
A) Yes, simply get the new SDK for CS: GO. It’s possible to subscribe to new maps via the Map Workshop, where designers can get the feedback on early versions of their maps.

Q)How to launch the server browser?
A) You can find the community server browser in the main menu. Plus, you can access it from the pause menu when you are in-game.

Q) How to leave a feedback on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?
A) To leave a feedback, join any of Steam forums.

Q) How many modes are there in CS: GO?
A) There are two versions of the Classic Counter-Strike Gameplay, one is Casual and the second is Competitive. Apart from those mentioned, you can try the Deathmatch mode. Plus, there are two gun progression modes: Demolition and Arms Race.

Q) When should I start buying?
A) Get started with buying once your team has sufficient money for everybody to get at least a Rifle and Kevlar + Helmet.

Q) I can't open the cases, I’ve got the following mistake " at the moment the bot doesn’t have the object for the case chosen. Please retry."
A) When it comes to real random, case/category offers ALL the objects in it. You can see them all. Typically, bots won’t have time to get the required stuff in the time needed. Plus, there may be the case when some required objects for this case are currently absent on the market.