The CS:GO Italy Collection: A Fancy Counter-Strike Map

Italy is an iconic Hostage rescue map, which can be found in Counter-Strike series. Interesting is to add that you can find it in every game since Counter-Strike Beta 6.5, which was introduced to the public on June 8, 2000. Today, Italy is regarded as a fan-favorite among-st the CS: GO gaming world. This map includes a number of narrow passageways and offers an iconic marketplace.

By the way, everything is pretty standard here: to get an Italy Map Veteran reward, you’ll need to win 100 rounds on the CS_Italy map.

Meanwhile, today the Italy collection offers the following: AWP | Pit Viper, Sawed-Off | Full Stop, M4A1-S | Boreal Forest, UMP-45 | Gunsmoke, Dual Berettas | Stained, FAMAS | Colony, MP7 | Anodized Navy, as well as Nova | Sand Dune, Nova | Candy Apple, Tec-9 | Groundwater, and XM1014 | CaliCamo. New items are expected to appear soon. So, make sure to visit from time to time.