What Does The CS: GO Lake Collection Have to Offer?

Yep, another goodie from CS: GO is the Lake (de_lake) collection. In fact, it’s the demolition and arms race (arsenal) map. It takes place at a tiny estate bordering a lake. This map’s Terrorist faction is the Phoenix Connexion whilst the SEAL Team 6 is the Counter-Terrorist faction. When it comes to the Lake collection rewards, you can get the Vacation. To get it, you will need to win five matches on Lake.

Currently, these are some of the items you can get from the Lake collection: Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz, SG 553 | Anodized Navy, P90 | Teardown, USP-S | Night Ops, AWP | Safari Mesh, as well as PP-Bizon | Night Ops, Desert Eagle | Mudder, SG 553 | Waves Perforated, Galil AR | Sage Spray, and FAMAS | Cyanospatter. They also feature souvenirs. As usual, novel items can easily appear. So, take a closer look at the whole assortment the Lake collection offers at cs-go-skins.com.