The CS:GO Operation Bravo: Essentials

Another goodie, after the Operation Payback, comes the Operation Bravo. This second Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation was introduced to the public on Sept, 2013, and was expected to end Jan., 2014. But it was so popular and widely loved that it was extended to February, 2014.

At first, there were seven maps in it, every of which you can enjoy in the casual, competitive, and Deathmatch gameplays. Today, you can take advantage of eight maps: Ali, Agency, Cache, Chinatown, as well ass Gwalior, Ruins, Seaside, and Siege. Get a pass and you’ll enjoy the pure access to a map group of all these amazing Workshop Maps!

If we talk about the Operation Bravo Coin, you should know that if you get a pass, you’d get it by default. By the way, it comes with the ability to upgrade while playing. Plus, it’s visible wherever the avatar is displayed.

The Coin can be doubled as an operational scorecard as well. With it, you get en entire record of your Official Competitive Match stats for the whole Bravo period. Finally, there are 31 weapon finishes for you to test out in it. Ready to have fun?