The CS:GO Operation Breakout: Essentials and Interesting Facts

CS: GO has become a cult online game, right? Are you sure that you know everything about it? How about its operations? How many operations are there in total? Let’s check.

Launched in 2014, Operation Breakout is the CS: GO operation number FOUR. In fact, it consists of six additional community maps and unique weapon collections – Overpass, Cobble, and Baggage. Apart from the mentioned, the fourth operation includes the weapon case. It should be added, that in Breakout, you could find data about the player in the journal and accurate player’s statistics in the operation. You will also highly appreciate that there’s a brief introductory guide, which helps you to get started easier and smoother.

It was on October 2, 2014, Operation Breakout expired. But don’t worry, if you wish to test what it featured, you can take advantage of the Operation Breakout Case. By the way, you can get the CS: GO Operation Breakout Case Key at this site. Grab yourself some unique items, and have fun!