Skins Available in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

Now we are going to talk about the Operation Phoenix. Introduced in early 2014, it’s the third CS: GO operation. It’s possible to get three badges, – bronze, silver, and gold correspondingly. By the way, to be rewarded with the gold medal, you have to play at least 1800 minutes and become the winner of 15 maps in the operation.

The Operation Phoenix Weapon Collection comes with the following items: UMP-45 – Corporal, Negev – Terrain, Tec-9 – Sandstorm, MAC-10 – Heat, AWP | ASIIMOV as well as USP-S – Guardian, Nova – Antique, AUG | chameleon, and others. So, browse the whole collection, choose what you want, and grab it. Why not get the Operation Phoenix Case Key to unlock everything it has? Get the Operation Phoenix Pass!

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