Skin CZ75-Auto Tigris


Hey our CS:GO enthusiasts! Here you can find more about the Skin CZ75-Auto Tigris. Already want it, right? Let’s cover the basics first. Being a greatly automatic CZ75 version, the CZ75-Auto is what you will surely need if you are looking for a short-term choice for turning the tables and getting the weapon of your enemies. It is critical to add that since there is little ammo in the magazine, you will surely need the strong trigger discipline. As you can see, this item is painted in a tiger stripe motif.

You can find this fancy skin in two cases, such as Operation Breakout and Dust. To open the Operation Breakout Weapon Case at you will need to pay 12.43$. Let’s test drive it today!

Available in Cases:
Dust Operation Breakout

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$