Skin Gut Knife Urban Masked


When it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) gameplay, there is no exact answer – which skin is the best. Everything depends on your team preferences, gaming skills, needs, and of course, budget. Meanwhile, it’s for sure that the Skin titled Gut Knife Urban Masked will be appealing to all admirers of knives.

You will find this valuable skin in the Italy Case and Operation Bravo Case. Both of them can be opened with below market prices.  Currently, the price of this skin at this resource is 12.43$. But since the price is the matter of change, the skin can before more expensive or cheaper within time.

Anyway, this skin is definitely well worth its price. Test it and you’ll agree. You can also take advantage of other skins at this site. Open cases with best cases and let Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bring you even more fun. We wish you good luck!

Available in Cases:
Italy Operation Bravo

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$