Skin MAC-10 Heat


It’s a well-known fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or simply (CS: GO) promises hours of pure fun, especially if you take advantage of skins. Indeed, today you can buy cheap CSGO Skins in Stock 24/7, held one of the best skins in the game, no strings attached. For example, the famous Mac-10 Heat is a great way to add some more thrill and fun to the whole process of gameplay. Wondering what’s special about it? Consider this: it’s a sexy, elegant and risky weapon. Plus, it guarantees excellent accuracy and damage. It gives you the feeling like that you’ve got the power of thunder. Use it to conquer your enemies.

Needless to add, you can find this great item in Bank and Operation Phoenix cases. By the way, at you can open CS GO Cases that contain MAC-10 | Heat for 12.43$. So, get ready to take away this intriguing skin. Don’t wait too long because the daily limitation of this cool skin might be restricted. Don’t miss it out!

Available in Cases:
Bank Operation Phoenix

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$