Skin MAG-7 Heaven Guard


With such a huge assortment of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon it might be really hard to choose what you need. Of course, everything depends on your personal preferences and style of playing. Now we are going to talk about MAG-7 Heaven Guard. It’s a nice option if you are planning to rush your opponents, putting them under pressure. According to most gamers, it’s handy at a short and medium range and is currently one of the best shotguns available. It won’t cost you much, but it offers a solid kill reward, up to $900. Sounds amazing, right? Still hesitating whether you need it? Here is one more consideration: the skin is accurate enough when you jump.

By the way, this rock skin is available in two cases: Operation Phoenix and Bank. To open the case with it at, you will need to spend 12.43$. How do you think, is it worth buying? If yes, get it, and enjoy defeating all your enemies! Use it in a proper way and you’ll remain undefeated!

Available in Cases:
Bank Operation Phoenix

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$