Skin Negev Desert-Strike


Open Dust or Operation Breakout cases to take full advantage of this dangerous item named Negev Desert-Strike. By the way, this skin has recently gotten a more significant rework, so it’s for sure that you should test it out.

So, Negev Desert-Strike belongs to heavy weapons. Noteworthy is the fact that this item features a high bullet count over accuracy. Whilst the recoil is likely to become a pain, you still can manage to grab enough bullets into your enemy, so it won’t matter so much.

Thus, keep in mind the fact that due its huge big ass spread and terrible accuracy, this dangerous item seems like a good option only if used correctly. So, what do you think? Are you ready to master it? Anyway, we have to admit that at, you can open the case if you pay 12.43$.

Available in Cases:
Dust Operation Breakout

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$