Skin Negev Terrain


Every CS: GO lover will agree with the following statement, “The weapon you use depends on the map you play.” Skin Negev Terrain, a first-class Israeli machine gun, will be appealing for people opening Bank and Operation Phoenix collections. Plus, you’ll enjoy it if you are fond of playing at short range. Use it if you wish to keep the enemy at bay. In fact, what makes this item so unique is its pin-point suppressive fire. It’s Kill Award is $150. Moreover, the player's movement speed of the player, when held, is 150 units in a second.

Despite the fact that this weapon requires some experience to get the spray, it’s for sure that you can master any weapon by practicing and this one is not an exception. As usual, you can open the case if you pay 12.43$ at

Available in Cases:
Bank Operation Phoenix

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$