Skin P2000 Ocean Foam


If you are one of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans, it’s for sure that you have heard about P2000 Ocean Foam. Indeed, being the starting weapon for the Counter Terrorists, it is far more accurate than its analog, the Glock-18. In fact, Ocean Foam is the German-made pistol and it boasts one of the greatest accuracy in this segment. The kill award of P2000 is also pretty solid - it is worth 150%. It’s for sure that it is the first-round pistol that will help you defeat your enemy.

Needless to add, you can find this accurate and controllable item in the Bravo Collection and Italy case. The cost of the Factory New or Minimal Wear versions of this skin is not rather significant. So, what do you want to choose? At you can open this skin when you pay 12.43$.

Available in Cases:
Italy Operation Bravo

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$