Skin P90 Asiimov


If you are trying to reach the best results with your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, try to get something fresh and new to the entire gameplay. There is nothing better than a perfect skin for your favorite weapon when it comes to originality. Our website offers a wide range of various skins for all types of weapons Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers to its players and dedicated fans. And if you prefer FN P90, we have something for you too. Let’s check it out!

Perfect P90 Asiimov Skin

Those gamers who like accuracy, speed and class in their gameplay usually prefer such small but powerful guns as P90. And our website has something to offer! Get our skin P90 Asiimov at the most reasonable price on the market and make your character and the entire team to stand out. There is nothing better than a comfortable weapon with a nice and interesting skin. Our Skin P90 Asiimov is an impressive futuristic image with perfectly developed details and lines. It is available for such cases as Dust and Operation Breakout. Both operations are full of great skins and all of them are available on our website for our customers.

If you still have any doubts about the price of our P90 Asiimov Skin, we offer you to check out other shops and just take a look around a little bit. If you will find any lower price for P90 Asiimov that our 12.43$, you can buy it there, of course. But besides reasonable pricing, we also offer a range of other advantages such as easy to use paying methods and user-friendly interface. is always on your side and wishes you good luck! Reach the top of your gaming adventures with our top-class developed skins for every weapon that the legendary Counter-Strike offers you.

Available in Cases:
Dust Operation Breakout

Skin Type:

Open for: 12.43$