Skin UMP-45 Bone Pile


When a person first gets into the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive he realizes that there is nothing as great as this legendary shooter. Totally amazing gameplay with various editions and levels is now available with a wide range of various skins for all the weapons in the game. If you really want to stand out from the crowd and get your favorite gun a fresh and impressive look, you’ve got to the right place. And if your favorite weapon is UMP-45, we have something for you to offer.

Meet UMP-45 Bone Pile Skin

Not every Counter-Strike player can deal with such quick but not too powerful weapons like SMGs, especially UMP-45. But when you learn how to terminate your enemies with this weapon, you can name yourself a master for sure. And if you want to highlight your status, you should get a unique skin for your favorite killing tool.

And here is the job for our Skin UMP-45 Bone Pile. This skin is absolutely amazing and will bring an extra fun point to your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gaming experience. Just look at its coloring, and great skulls print on the body. It is a total blast worth of every penny! By the way, the price for our Skin UMP-45 Bone Pile is absolutely reasonable. You may easily apply any skin you like to the gameplay and start dealing with your enemies immediately and with no remorse.

This skin is available in such cases as Italy and Operation Bravo. Get this great skin just for 23.43$ today and make your enemies fall one by one. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive waits for its new heroes, and it is your chance to be the best and use the best weapon possible. Just make a wish, and will make it come true for sure.

Available in Cases:
Italy Operation Bravo

Skin Type:

Open for: 23.43$